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Elastic and Fast, NEW cup seamer for high quality make up of fully fashioned knitted outwear.

Exacta CupSeamer can reach a production capacity of 400 garments in 8 hours shift, maintaining the quality standard of the traditional linking machines

  • Main Features

    Automatic oil pump lubrification..

    UNCURLING GUIDES they allow the knit hems to be unfolded and conveyed to ensure a straight-thread make up of the garment.
    TRANSPORT with motorized counter-rotating cups, perfectly synchronized.
    LEVER-OPERATED STICH STRETCHER comfortably adjustable even with the running machine, it allows to make up garments in various gauges from 4 to 22.
    CHAINSTITCH CUTTER fixed behind the plates, it is used to divide one garment from the other.
    SPEED 4.500 stiches per minute.