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EXACTA-aqua medi

Years of experience as technicians of knitting machines made possible to realize an innovative washing machine for needle beds with high efficiency and low consumptions.

Maintenance stops of the machine for mechanical or cleaning issues will be drastically lowered.

The cleaning water is only added with a small amount of commercial emulsifiyng oil without solvent or addictive, risk-free for the operator.

The low water and electrical consumptions make the machines very efficient: 50 lt of water and 1 lt of oil every 30 knitting machines washed, 5 KW of electrical power on 30 minutes of washing cycle.

Every part of the machines is made with high quality components to guarantee the most in terms of reliability and efficiency. The design and the way it works improve further the lifetime of the whole machine and guarantee an easy and quick renewal of washing mixture.

It washes a 122 cm needlebed in only 30 minutes. Auto-drying operation takes 5 minutes.

Exacta AQUA MEDI has a washable lengths of 3000 mm and multiple high pressure cleaning system.

  • Main Features
    • PLUS: auto-management of water replenishment, electronical warning of oil add, Air compressor at 8 Bar.
    • FILTER: include an INOX filter with auto-cleaning feature. It allows the no-stop washing up to 50 knitting machines before intervention of operator.
    • CUSTOMIZED: we design and realize special future/optional on customer request.
    TYPE Washing machine with high pressure water jet
    CLEANING SYSTEM High pressure water jet from nozzles adjustable according to version of the needlebed to wash
    DRYING SYSTEM High pressure air jet. Dryng time only in 5 minutes
    SLIDE MOVEMENT SYSTEM Polymeric belt reinforced with steel, moved by electrical engine and gearbox. No need lubrication.Speed and torque are adjustable through inverter to guarantee the safety of operator.
    WATER RECYCLE SYSTEM Washable filter made of INOX steel. Optional: double filter – self cleaning system.
    SECURITY DEVICES Safety carter, emergency stop button and controls for safety stop mounted on moveable parts. Warnings of emergency and warnings of maintenance are displayed on monitor. Hole flanged to link existing aspiration system. Optional: vapor aspirator integrated Every electrical and mechanical part is protected from overvoltage and electrical problems. Complying with machine safety regulation 2006/42/CE.
    MAINTENANCE Each single part (engine, pump, plexiglass,…) are assembled in order to allow a quick and easy maintenance. Specific maintenance warnings appear on the screen of PLC. Renew cleaing mixture of water and oil after washing 60 needlebeds or according to PLC warning. Parts are provided by international manufacturers and leader in their respective business, for this reason spare parts are available in every country.
    CONTROL UNIT PLC Omron assembled on electrical system.
    VIDEO UNIT Touch Screen Omron, Multicolor, with drop-down menu.
    WASHING SETUPS System already has presets to wash every kinf of needlebed manufactured by Shima and Stoll. Presets can be customised.
    VISUAL ALERT SYSTEM The end of the washing is comunicated by visual alert to operator, in the meanwhile he can carry on futher activities.
    WATER LEVEL MANAGEMENT The topping up and renewal of water is quick and easy through a system of valves. Optional: automated system of water level management.
    OIL LEVEL MANAGEMENT Optional: PLC warns the operator when and how much oil needs to be added.
    ELECTRICAL POWER 2 phases 220V – 4KW.
    WATER Low consumption thanks to the high efficient filtering system (50 lt /60 needlebeds).
    OIL Mix at 1% with water