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A linking machine with eye needle inside the point dial and traditional looper; the knitwork is linked from the reverse side.

The machine permits to obtain a very elastic chainstich. Available in a wide range of gauges from 3 to 32.

  • Main Features
    EYE NEEDLE inside the point dial.
    CHAIN STITCH single thread or, on request, 1+2 thread device to allow a quick change over to double chain stitch, with axial traverse of cam block.
    POINT DIAL in continuous motion on roller bearings, ø 408 mm (= approx 16”).
    POINTS tilted upwards to make easier the linking operation.
    POINT DIAL DISENGAGEMENT lever device placed under the tub.
    MATIC DEVICE which automatically engages the point dial when the machine is started
    LATERAL ARM placed below the machine head, leaving the plate completely free, thus transforming it into a working surface.
    MEASURING RING with various pointers sliding in both directions.
    GARMENT HOLDER in plastic material.
    THREAD TIGHTENER with caps opening synchronized with the point dial release control.
    SPEED 900 r.p.m. max., according to different gauges.
    ELECTRIC POWER single-phase 50/60 Hz. 220V. (inverter).